We are a dynamic mother daughter duo 🧨  in Los Angeles California. The name KISSOOMI (“Kiss Me”💋 ) holds a meaning of love and is mash up word from our family's mixed cultures using the phonetic pronunciation of the word kiss (“kiseu” kiss-oo) in Korean.

Having a daughter, I wanted her to grow up knowing self love, feeling confident, while empowering her to be bold and brave knowing that she can be, do, and have anything she sets her mind to. At a young age Rozlin knows to to love herself unconditionally, not say bad things about herself (or to others), take a minute to herself if she needs it, and be grateful for everything that comes her way.
I wanted to raise her knowing about her body, her mind, and her soul while being up front and truthful about anything she questioned. I wanted to communicate with my daughter in ways that I knew would help her thrive in the future and be a trustworthy supportive role model she could always count on.



This too is the mission of KISSOOMI. To teach girls about feminism, to abandon stereotypes of what girls can't do, to find their inner beauty, build self confidence, and understand emotional awareness is a strength. We wanted to create kids clothes that have meaning and start a conversation. As we grow so will our messaging. 
It is our responsibility as mothers and women to teach, empower, support, and be outstanding role models for our girls as they make the journey to womanhood! 
Join Club KISSOOMI and stand alongside our girls to support them as they grow up to be great women of our future! ⚡ 💜
As Michelle Obama said “Here’s to strong women. May we KNOW them. May we BE them. May we RAISE them.” 
🙌   🎤  💥


Rozlin is 6 1/2 years old and going into the first grade. She loves to dance, draw, do photoshoots, and makes shirts with mom for KISSOOMI!

She plays soccer, takes boxing, music and dance classes, and will never pass up a tastey bowl of ramen. Her nick name at home has become Ramen Rozzie.

She loves to draw with chalk in the backyard, watch A for Adley, her favorite color is blue, and to make music.

KISSOOMI has become our project together as mother and daughter so that I can show her how being creative, having fun, and with a little hard work her passion can be something bigger. Chasing your dreams is easier as you think!


Hey, I'm Nikki, mom to Rozlin. I was a professional dancer for 20 years and was able to work on music videos, tv shows, movies, and with some of entertainments elite: Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Ricky Martin, Robin Thicke, Ceelo Green, No Doubt, and many more.

During my time as a professional dancer, I wanted to have another form of artistic expression so I picked up a camera and taught myself photography. If you want to see my photography check it out here.

As a photographer working with many brands, I came to love ecommerce and wanted to build my own brand. Creating KISSOOMI, with a mission to empower my daughter to chase her dreams, was a perfect fit!

Now we get to spend quality bonding time, create, grow together, and inspire one another in new ways because of KISSOOMI. We wouldn't have it any other way. 💜