Want to know why KISSOOMI clothes are amazing?!

KISSOOMI clothes were made to empower young girls ages 6-14 by teaching them about self-love, equal rights, breaking stereotypes, and chasing your dreams with playful, colorful, and meaningful messages on trendy tie-dye graphic tee and goodies!

Not only do we want to stand for something more when it comes to empowering our girls but also to support the environment so that they will have a future world in which to thrive. KISSOOMI t-shirt and tanks are made in Los Angeles by eco-friendly sustainable manufacturers putting the environment first. It's a Win Win!

We choose manufacturers that don’t use shortcuts and choose fabric durability, cleanliness, softness, fit, consistency, and environmental impact as a priority. 🌴  🌎  💚

Our shirts are Airlume Combed Ring-Spun Cotton. This means that 2.5X more impurities are combed out than standard ring-spun cotton making the most premium quality t-shirt that feels like butter. 🧈  👕

The Airlume Combed Ring-Spun fabric is pre-shrunk which makes the shirt more durable and has 5% less shrinkage. This insures that you will have the same quality and size as the day you receive your shirts after you wash at home.

Our clothes are made with side seams which makes the shape not boxy. The fit it more forming to the body and has a neckline which moves with your shoulders for a more comfortable fit.

Our tie dye t-shirts are done by hand with non-toxic, low impact Procion Fibre Reactive Dyes. These dyes are rich in color because they permanently bond with the fibre molecules. They are safe for the environment and for our daughters growing bodies. 

💜  Here at KISSOOMI, we take pride in using non toxic substances and using eco conscious manufacturers to help make a difference for the future our girls. 💜